Electronic Sud is a company founded on 15 March 1978 in Palmi in the province of Reggio Calabria from Mr Basile Antonino.

Electronic-Sud Group was in the years one of the most important in the field of Electronic and Computer, and has always been known to offer its customers the best in technology. Since 1998 Electronic Sud is also present on the web and since 2001 through its Multimedia Store allows the purchase of products on the Web. Skilled in many areas, Electronic-Sud is a consultant who advises, proposes and solves the needs in terms of products and services for companies and individuals customers.

Electronic-Sud has a wide range of products and services that are accompanied by a precise sales policy that give to customers the right price of the products, high quality services at competitive prices and a guarantee of absolute transparency. In short, we want to take care of our customers from the time of purchase to that of post-sales also providing a service of first assistance in order to be a constant point of reference even after the purchase, in contrast to what happens when you go to buy in a mall and you're left to yourself.

Our shop is located in the center of Palmi, has an on the road parking and has two exhibition rooms for a total of about 70 square meters and one of these is a soundproof listening room where you can listen quietly to the sound of the professional Hi-Fi systems.